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City lighting in Blomberg

Illumination of three inner-city rooms in the historical center of Blomberg/Ostwestfalen-Lippe.

The historic town hall from 1587, which is under monument protection, is staged by accentuated lighting on several levels. Among other things, the roof is also worked out with colored grazing light and the architecturally valuable elements experience a high-contrast transformation through the changing scenery.

Also in the Schweigegarten between the Böhmerhof and the old office building on Pideritplatz, the colored effect lighting supports the perception of space during a short break or pausing. Here you can see the artistic production with gobo projection installed by Ingo Bracke.

From dusk, the Burggarten is transformed into a fairytale fantasy landscape.

All seats are equipped with individually controllable LED spotlights and are addressed in constant change and in different colors or brightness.

Year of construction: 2015

Client: City of Blomberg

Conception, planning, scene programming, commissioning: Florian Kick


Design and scenography: Ingo Bracke

Photos: Ingo Bracke

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