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Perfect day light

light installation


Project planning, conception, delivery, commissioning and programming

Analogue geometry in a digital context - The yellowdesign light installation Perfect Day Light positions itself in the aesthetic tension between digital, visual information and analogue, object-like geometry.


On the one hand a display with an extremely landscape resolution, a digital high-tech sculpture with minimal power consumption and a universal digital interface. On the other hand, a complex geometric design object, generated by multiplying eight hundred recycled transport containers, which, due to their shape and material properties, give the back-projected light spatial depth and a psychologically pleasant color temperature.


The light installation was conceived as an experimental analogy to the new LUCTRA® light series developed by yellowdesign and Durable®, which generates biological light with its positive effect on the human organism through digital high technology .


In the context of a social event, as a combined experience of sound, light and space, the light installation Perfect Day Light stands for the sustainable synthesis of the digital and analogue worlds.


Design: yellow design

Client: yellow design

Photos: yellow design

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